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Wisdom tooth removal
29 November 2023 0 comments

In our era, more processed and softer food are replacing more chewy diet of our ancestors. Our jaws do not need to keep chewing most of our daily food prior to swallowing them, which results in fewer chewing functions. From generations to next generations this information of less chewing need is transferred resulting in in-species-evolution to have shorter jaw sizes. That is one of the reasons why dentists come across to more missing or impacted teeth of the jaws nowadays.
According to the statistics, wisdom teeth are the mostly affected group of teeth from this changing conditions. Most of the younger generations are suffering with the wisdom teeth problems.
In most people, wisdom teeth only emerge partially or grow sideways, causing a wide variety of complications. They may even remain trapped underneath the gum and bone, being unable to break through into the mouth and causing pathology around them and even sometimes harming the neighboring teeth. Most people do need to have their wisdom teeth removed to prevent the occurrence of other dental issues.

Dr Eylul Farahani is a very qualified dentist who assesses the need for the removal of wisdom teeth following the Australian Dental Association’s guidelines. She has extracted thousands of wisdom teeth for her patients for over 17 years. She is an experienced, gentle and friendly dental surgeon who has 10 years of teaching experience as a honorary clinical educator and lecturer in Oral Surgery Department at Westmead and Sydney Dental Hospitals to make your wisdom tooth removal safe, easy and comfortable. You have the option of having your wisdom tooth removed under sedation as well.

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